Saturday, December 14, 2013

Offtopic: My Low Milk Supply Journey

This is going to be a long story related to breastfeeding and milk supply issues, so feel free to skip it if these things do not interest you! I've had such a weird and difficult journey, I feel I should share it somewhere that might help at least one other person.

Having a baby is a scary thing, especially when you have a personality such as mine where you want to know everything ahead of time and prepare appropriately. There's too much to know that can only be gained from experience and every baby and parent combo is different. From the time I knew I was pregnant (at 5 weeks, essentially) until I delivered, I was always researching one thing or another. Of those things, some amount of time was devoted to breastfeeding (but not a huge amount). I knew I wanted to do it for some pretty logical and non-emotional reasons, which seems a little out of the norm. I did not dream of a magical bonding experience with my little bub (though if that would happen, that's neat!) but I wanted to feed him for free (more or less) with the best stuff I could provide and burn some extra calories all at the same time.

I did some reading and watched some videos, it all seemed quite straight forward. Ha ha, cough, sputter. Yeah. So, come delivery day, with the help of the labor and delivery nurses we get him latched on about 1.5 hours after he's born and he seems to be doing well. We also had lots of skin to skin time from the moment he was born. As the rest of the day and the next proceed, I'm having difficulty getting him to nurse. Latching and positioning are so much harder than I ever would have expected based on those videos I watched. I got help from nurses, but they just guide his head and pop him on without me really getting what I'm doing wrong. But we plug away and he'll hang out for a while sometimes, other times I get nowhere. He was very sleepy and we were constantly trying to wake him to eat. My nipples were getting pretty sore and dry, the lanolin I had packed didn't help much either. We're into day 2 and I haven't had my milk come in or any breast changes for that matter. The pediatrician brought up that formula supplementation might be an option we need to visit but we'll see how things are doing the next morning before we go home. Day 3 arrives, no more milk and he's lost 10% of his birth weight which is a concern. Diapers are slacking off as well. Lactation consultants come in, given a crash course in pumping and supplementing with formula via dropper with the explanation that this can get him over the hump until my milk comes in (hopefully a few days). The plan is to nurse every feeding, supplement with formula, pump afterwards.

Rimmel ScandalEyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal in Taupe

I have three other liners of this variety - black, blue and nude. I picked up the nude liner first because well, it's a nude liner! And word about town was these stuck to the waterline well. I have had the best luck in that regard with the nude liner - but I always say it may just be due to the fact that it wears off less noticeably. Both the black and blue break down near the wateriest part of the eye rather quickly but then linger closer to the lash line for a good amount of time.

I was at Walgreens last night picking up a prescription, so I browsed around the beauty section since they are having their regular clearance and I had a 15% off coupon. Didn't find much inspiring on clearance, but I did see that this liner in Taupe was in stock. Most times I check for it, it isn't. I take it as a good sign that it's popular! Or there's lackluster restocking, hah. I've heard mumblings online this was a good one to check out too, so there's that. If there's anything I tend to compulsively hoard, it is liners. I like having lots of colors and variety of textures, and there's always this hope that maybe *this* is the one that will stick like glue to my waterline (yeah, right!).

Anyhow, I picked it up thinking it's a little different from anything else I have in my already too large collection, so it's clearly a must-have! I know the formula is good for non-watery areas of the eye as well. There are so many good options for budgeproof liners these days!

It's on the cooler side of brown, but not overly gray. I used it today on my upper and lower lash lines and loved it! I find that being so fair, using a standard brown or black on my lower lash line can appear harsh or overly smoky when I'm going for just a touch of definition. This was a nice natural looking shadow to define my lower eye area.

It's not even that noticeable, just a subtle darkening. Lovely!

I smudged it around the upper lash line and it blended in with the Jane Cosmetics matte shadow in Smoke I had lightly applied to the lid.

Have you tried any of the liners from this line or Taupe? What did you think?

On the rest of my face:
  • Urban Decay Primer Potion
  • Jane Cosmetics matte single shadow in Smoke
  • e.l.f. Baked Shadow in Pixi (in crease, sparkles)
  • Studio Gear brown pencil in Medium Ash
  • e.l.f. brow gel
  • Maybelline Big Eyes mascara
  • Laura Mercier Mineral Powder in Soft Porcelain