Friday, October 25, 2013

Simple Face of the Day with NARS, Clinique CC Cream, CoverGirl Clump Crusher

So for a while, I had many days that were makeup free after the baby arrived but I've been making an effort to get something on my face most days now. I feel a little less like a zombie if I can catch a glance in the mirror while cleaning up pump and bottle parts for the millionth time with some makeup on. :) I've always liked the process of applying makeup, so there's that too!

I still haven't gotten my makeup collection in an accessible place after the move into the house. Good news is, I have a vanity and storage piece figured out, they just need to be assembled. :) Everything in this post is relatively new to me, have not mentioned them in videos or blog - but of course I rambled on about some of them on twitter as nicsviolet. You can follow me there for thoughts as they come, though lately it's mostly baby blather. Also baby and kitty pictures, with occasional makeup on instagram as nicsviolet too!

For my face, I'm wearing the Clinique CC Cream in Very Light - one of the very few BB/CC cream/tinted moisturizers that is actually light enough. It's a hair dark for me and quite yellowy beige (great for canceling out the redness in my cheeks and nose) but I say it's close enough. My skin is still more normal (pre-pregnancy it was very oily) and oddly even though this is a Moisture Surge product, it dries down quite matte on me. Depending how much oil I have during the day, I will get somewhat shiny after several hours - or not at all. It has a good amount of coverage, more like what I'd expect from a light-medium foundation. It doesn't feel like anything on my face, but if I touch my face I do get the feeling there's something a little tacky on it. I plan on setting it with a finishing powder at some point (once I unpack or buy one) to see if that helps. But overall, I like it for the SPF 30 and redness cancellation in one go.