Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Nina Ultra Pro Candi Apple NOTD

Edited to add: this polish stayed true with only tip wear for a total of 10 days, could have gone longer if I hadn't been doing heavy lifting moving over that weekend.  Awesome!
I wanted to put on some sort of festive nail polish for Thanksgiving tomorrow, nothing too out there and vaguely appropriate (almost grabbed a marine blue but thought better of it :).  I have worn this Candi Apple shade from Nina Ultra Pro a couple times, I picked it up at Sally Beauty Supply a while back.  It looks gorgeous in the bottle but I've learned after being bitten by this several times that those faint golden or silver shimmers just don't translate to the nails.

I always have a hard time getting a picture of these types of polishes, flash or bright lighting tends to bounce back in weird ways from the shimmer and just give white splotches on the nails.

Here's the beautiful (but invisible on nails) gold shimmer:

I like the formula and brush, easy enough to work with for shaky fumblefingers like myself.  It's a slightly deeper warm red which works well on my skintone, I find a tomato or bright orangey red to look a little garish at times on me against the stark white of my skin.

MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Creams and Revlon Creme Shadows

Was staring at my Revlon Creme Shadow in Precious Metals, I had used the beautiful bright light gold up on my browbone today (sounds crazytown but I have a small space to work with for eyes so it wasn't a huge flashing stripe.. really...).  Was thinking about using the plummy toned burgundy.. brown, I don't know what color it is.  And I was reminded of my MUFE Aqua Cream in #17 which is in a similar color tone, I swatched the Revlon palette and thought hmm, actually this steel shade looks familiar.. and there's a copper toned color too.  Pulled out the three eye Aqua Creams I have, and had to laugh at how similar the shades I have are to the palette.

I laugh because I'm clearly drawn to similar colors, the Revlon palette is by no means a dupe for Aqua Creams.  The reason I used the gold shade on my browbone today is that these things crease very easily, even with a primer - so I wanted somewhere crease-free. :)  The MUFE steel is #2, copper is #12, plummy burgundy is #17.

Top colors are the MUFE, bottom are Revlon.  MUFE is more pigmented, sets completely waterproof, is a true metallic finish.  The Revlon creams do not set, they can be convinced to not crease on me (for maybe 8 hours) if used with a primer and set with a shadow over top and are actually very small shimmery particles suspended in the creamy base.  It's actually a very pretty finish as it can spread these tiny sparkles out when sheer (for the steely silver and gold at least, the plum shade seems to have more color in the cream base).  My guess is that if using that ultra sheer layer for the wash of wet sparkles, the creasing would be less of an issue - I haven't tried (yet).

Anyway, funny how we are attracted to the same colors time and again. :)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Attempt at recreate MAKE UP FOR EVER Winter 2011 Look

KarlaSugar posted a visual from the MUFE Winter 2011 and asked for recreations - I really wanted to get this one but it was much harder than I had anticipated.  I am completely miserable at putting liner on my lower lashline it turns out, and trying to do the inner tear duct highlight/flared liner.. wow.  I wasn't going to bother posting because it felt like such a failure, but here we go. :)

I didn't have any of the products used in the look as described by MUFE so I went with my own, I used a ton of stuff trying to get this somewhat resembling the original, this is all I can recall but it's been some time since I did this.

Used MAC Sumptuous Olive and Wet n Wild Comfort Zone green shade for the green aspects (I may have also used the light shades and green from the Estee Lauder GWP warm Pure Color quad, don't remember), the shimmery peach in Too Faced Romantic Eye palette for the overall lid, Urban Decay Buck for the matte brown.

I tried just about every black pencil and cream/gel liner I have trying to get the thin lower lash liner, I re-did the inner third of that liner at least 5+ times.  Used Tarte emphasEYES gel liner on the top.  Urban Decay Shakedown fairly heavily through the brows for contrast.  CoverGirl LashBlast Volume and some fake lashes (I'm too tired to find which ones, they honestly aren't visible here behind my natural lashes and liner).  Used my Wet n Wild liner in White for the waterline and inner corner highlight mess.  To get the lower line needed in the look, I used q-tips/cotton buds with Neutrogena's lotion format makeup remover to shave down until it was as thin and smooth but still completely opaque.

MUFE Face & Body in #38 (lightest shade, my favorite base currently), Physicians Formula Happy Boosters translucent powder for highlight on bridge of nose, cupid's bow, forehead, cheeks/temple.  I packed on quite a bit of concealer under the eyes, I believe it was mostly Laura Mercier Undercover pot in the lightest shade.  I think I also used CARGO blu_ray Pressed Powder in #10 to finish my skin and take down any excess shine, next to the MUFE it's my second favorite base!

Used Revlon ColorBurst in Rosy Nude for the cheeks, blended on very easily with my Sonia Kashuk flat topped ultra soft synthetic blush brush.  Honestly I don't recall what I have on my lips but it wouldn't surprise me if it was Milani HD Advanced Lip Color in Romantic Rose, I've been wearing it almost every day lately.  I believe the texture/color payoff is very similar to the oh-so-popular Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butters.  I have chronic massively dry lips so I do need a balm underneath but I'm sure most could get away without it.

Anyway, I slaved over this look for a long time and wasn't happy with the results.  I would definitely use that lipstick for blush again, and I'm always a fan of browny olive eye looks.  But I am not going to attempt a lower lashline liner look again for quite some time. :)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wet n Wild Baking a Cake baked palette Holiday 2011

My other little break in the spending freeze with the Wet n Wild Ice Baby polish in Give Me A Price Quote was this little baked palette in Baking a Cake.  I don't have any shimmer bright pinks and I wanted one, let's be honest.  The other colors in the palette interested me, especially the blue and the prospect of the swirly colors.  The other two palettes - one is a coppery brown type grouping and the other is blues.  I don't get a ton of use out of blues because I need to partner them with warmer colors or I look dirty/undead.  And as I've proved before with my gold/brown/bronze swatch-tacular post I have a lot of browns/bronze/copper etc.

So when my Walgreens had the Baking the Cake palette, I squealed in joy (okay, it was a silent squeal, this is a very cramped and busy downtown Walgreens where I could run into coworkers :) ).

Got this home and busted it out to swatch so I could figure out what I wanted to use tomorrow.  The pink is the sheerest of the bunch (blue is as well, but a little less so), I swatched these all dry - they will be same shade but more opaque/brighter/darker (depending on if it's a light or dark shade) when wet.  I did dabble around with the pink shade earlier in the day while wet on my lid and it was very pretty.  Since I had made such a nice arrangement of swatches, I figured I'd snap a picture and post it!

I really like the swirly shade next to the pink, it's kind of a slightly rosy bronzed something - but doesn't go orange or coppery - sort of rose gold-esque.  Thinking I'll feature that on the lid tomorrow and use the brighter pink near the crease, softening with the deepest shade to avoid looking too-too bright.  Fun stuff for $4.99!

Wet n Wild Give Me A Price Quote NOTD

I've had some mild thawing in my spending freeze and when I saw my cramped little Walgreens by work had a couple things from the Ice Baby limited edition collection my heart skipped a beat!  Last time around with Dream Weavers, I never did see any of the products that I wanted in stock.  Here I got Give Me A Price Quote which is a yellow gold bar glitter.  I had been seriously interested in bar glitters but they don't seem to be quite catching on with the lower price point polishes yet.

Please excuse the messier than usual painting, I was so happy with the results I grabbed the camera right after applying. :)  It dries quickly and is surprisingly opaque - this was 2 regular coats (nail strengthener, base coat, 2 coats, top coat of Seche Vite).  It is definitely more rough than the standard glitter and you have to watch out for strips of glitter hanging over the edge of the nail.  I have heard that it can wear and chip faster due to this, might be worth the effort to seal the tips with top coat after filing off any strays.  Brush into cap length is a bit short, brush itself is sort of wide and formula is slightly goopy.

Overall I'm super pleased!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Gold, Bronze, Brown Swatch-tacular

I was having a rough time this week, so I took some retail therapy at Walgreens - it's the first beauty spending since I put the freeze into place (5 weeks now perhaps?).  I only bought clearance items that I couldn't get a coupon for - Milani brow kit, Milani HD lip and a Black Radiance eye duo (that I mistook for Iman, way to look at the packaging!) - out the door at $10, turned out being about 50% off even.  The eye duo was a familiar brown and gold, things I wear easily and on a regular basis.  When I got home, I was curious if they were similar to the Wet n Wild Vanity palette I was wearing today.  One thing led to another, and I ended up swatching just about every warm brown/bronze/gold shadow in my collection.

So here it is.  I actually did this three times, I left out some palettes that were hidden behind my mirror.  Funnily enough, I was so enthralled by their swatches (Wet n Wild Gilded Age) that I put them out to use for tomorrow. :)

So!  I have (vaguely left to right): Wet n Wild (WNW) Comfort Zone, WNW Gilded Age, WNW Vanity, e.l.f. beauty encyclopedia eye, CARGO duo from the Mediterranean kit, Tarte for True Blood, Black Radiance in Sunrise/Sunset, MAC Surf the Ocean (from Surf Baby) Crushed Metallic Pigment, Urban Decay NAKED, Estee Lauder Pure Color quad (warm) from a gift with purchase, Too Faced Romantic Eye palette.

Hopefully the numbers and labels helped.  I swatched these all on my hand without a plan or organization the first time, tried to remember which was what and failed miserably.. had to go again on my arm and kept track of the ordering as I went.  As you might be able to tell, I love gold and brown!  I also included some colors on the copper side of things colors, but not all of them that I have - I was getting tired from all the swatching and pictures! 

The two shadows that gave the least amount of color payoff while swatching were the Wet n Wild Vanity palette, the gold shade; as well as the gold shadow in Tarte for True Blood palette.  The CARGO gold is very chunky and has lots of fallout. 

The e.l.f. brown shadow is gorgeous, but they are so incredibly powdery in that palette it's a real chore to work with.  I haven't used anything in ages though, I should give it a go here sometime.  Not swatched but the the Gilded Age WNW highlight (labeled, but it's superduperultra frosty) is a beautiful pinky warm champagne - definitely working that sucker into a starring role in tomorrow's eye look.