Sunday, August 28, 2011

Shaping Nails Oval and Essie Barefoot & Topless

Generally, I am terrible to my nails.  Constantly painting them, butcher them off with a nail clipper or just ripping them off if they break low, very little careful filing.  So the shape is generally in line with my natural, somewhat short, nail bed.  In my airplane travels this weekend, I was poring over Allure magazine and I keep seeing ladies with quite oval shaped nails.  I think it can look so elegant - especially from a side angle so I decided to give my nails a little TLC and shape them last night at 4am.  It took longer than I expected, nails are quite short and getting any shape required filing down the sides.

To go with the tres chic (or at least trying :) ) nails, I wanted a good nude polish.  Put on Essie Barefoot & Topless that came in the spring set maybe?  I find them difficult to work with, I'm pretty miserable at applying polish in general and creams that are a little thick are the worst for me.  Luckily the polish evened out and settled down to a nice finish despite my attempts to butcher it.  I think the color is flattering with my ever so pale skintone - darker nudes I've been less fond of.  The tiny bottle, is of course, very cute; though the tiny brush isn't the easiest to use with fumblefingers like myself.

I think the oval shaping helps give a little tapering to my fingers which are short on small hands for my height, giving them a slightly more dainty appearance. I like it, but I'm not sure if I'd want to take the time to keep up the shape.

Essie describes the shade is soft beige pink, in lighting at home I almost get a pink bordering lilac undertone feel.  Pictured, it looks more on the beige end.  Per usual, I used Revlon Quick Dry Base Coat and Sally Hansen Insta-Dri top coat.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

EOTD Coppery Bronzey Golden with MAC Woodwinked

*Holy moly, the first picture looked like I am half dead.  Something went wonky with the color levels.  Re-uploaded!  Still problematic (blogger seems to adjust color levels automatically) but better.

Spur of the moment started working up an eye look using Woodwinked.  I was watching a tutorial, they got to their eyeliner which made me think about the new eyeliner I just got from Milani that I'd heard raves about - LIQUIF'EYE.  So I wandered myself over to my makeup area and started playing around.  I got the notion that I wanted to do an eye using MAC's Woodwinked to show how coppery orange it goes on my lids.  Photographing accurately the warmth of a shade is challenging to say the least with not a great lighting setup and less than expert knowledge of lighting and photography.  Blogger also changes the color balance on resized images, full sized will look different.

With my skintone and eye color, these shades are sort of my default, safe/easy combinations.

I did use my LeGloss but getting a whole face picture was a mess, I've already washed my face for the night so I didn't want to put any other makeup on and I was too blotchy to bother.
Used LORAC lid primer, UD Shakedown in brows, Woodwinked packed heavily on the lid and blended through the crease.  Smudged out the Milani LIQUIF'EYE on lower lash, lightly tightlined. 
Wet n Wild Bronzed pencil in the inner corner and smudged around the lower lash, MAC Surf, Baby metallic pigment from Surf the Ocean stack along lower lashes.  Smudged out some Woodwinked around lower lashes too. 

Not pictured, but swatched and in the actual end results I used the gold shade from Too Faced Romantic Eye palette, Honeymoon in the inner corner.  And used my new Physicians Formula organic mascara.  Formula is a bit dry, but I like the end results after working with it - 2 layers (let one coat dry, which I very rarely do - this didn't clump).

I did a little experiment swatching Woodwinked - left to right it's on bare skin, over NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk (plain white), and lastly over the LORAC lid primer.  They all give different shade variations, in the pot it's an antiqued gold.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

ULTA - Laura Geller, Stila, LA Splash

Went to a different ULTA than I usually do after getting my hair trimmed today.  There was a counter for Laura Geller, I hadn't swatched any before so I checked out the little baked eyeshadow quad, baby cakes.  This green gold Sage shadow sold it to me alone. I had difficulty getting decent swatch pictures of all this, I tried a good 4 times.  I think a lot of it is that most of the shades are pretty due to their small glitter.  Far left is swatched on the LA Splash sealer/base, middle swatch is on the sealer/base and wet, far right is wet and not on the base but blended out.  Applying the shadow wet and on the base/sealer were almost exactly the same effect.  Interesting. 

Petrilude had a quick tip tutorial for glitter application, he recommended the LA Splash eyeshadow base/sealer - ULTA had a sale of buy 2 get 1 free so I figured I'd grab it.  Also got one of their glitters in Golden Tangerine (gold, peachy, green, red glitter) and an Enlightened creamy shadow base in Nude.

Finally also caved on a Stila lip gloss 3 pack, I picked up the package and saw the golden shimmer in one of the glosses and I have a Jordana lip gloss in the same brush-on form factor that I enjoy.. couldn't resist!
The base/sealer really grabs glitter and shadow, it's quite impressive.  Sorry, no swatches for the Stila glosses - I don't have the heart to get the camera out again (I forgot after the 4th round to get the gloss).

Funny little sidenote, I kept wondering why the holes in the glitter were shaped like a 5.. er, duh.  Finally noticed when taking pictures it was LA.

Friday, August 5, 2011

July 2011 Favorites and Sort Of Flop

Quick post for the stuff I found myself using a lot in July and/or really enjoyed.

Had good experience with the texture and color of the Revlon ColorStay for Normal/Dry skin and the Revlon New Complexion cream foundation.  Since my skin has been dry and peeling like mad (while still being oily), I've scrambled to cut down on any of my prescription products that might be increasing the flakiness and adding in more intense moisturizers.  They both are somewhat matte, but not as drying as say my MUFE Mat Velvet+ with my skin in the state that it is. Both are in the lightest shade in the line, slightly darker than perfect match but it's workable especially with a light coat.

I've been using my Sigma F50 Duo Fibre for applying both and the finish has been light and smooth.  Using the Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman contour brush for contour, blush if I still have it out in my hands after wiping down, highlighter.  Whatever cheek related duties at hand. :)  I like the small brush size and how it blends quite well so I don't get the products all over my face which I'm known to do.

Cheeks - enjoying the matte waterproof bronzer from Tarte as well as the Urban Decay blush in Score.  It's a peachy pink with a strong gold sheen which I adore (hey that rhymes!).  I picked up the blush on for $5 or something, the mirror fell out of the package but other than that it's excellent quality.  Nicely pigmented without being hard to use, blends easily, soft but not too much so.

Perennial favorite for brows is the Urban Decay matte shadow in Shakedown, new big favorite is the Prestige Brow Builder in light/medium.  One side is a tinted gel with fibers possibly? and the other side is a clear set.  The tint gives some thickness and darkness to my blonde brows.  Some days I use both together for a more bold look, when I'm in a hurry and a softer brow is okay I go with the Prestige gel.

Been using the MUFE Smoky Lash mascara, surprised I like it since it has a traditional brush.  But the formula and brush gives me what I like without going super clumpy.  My lashes are fairly long and somewhat curled naturally but blonde, I like lots of thickness near the lashline and a nice intense black with a little length for good measure.

Lastly, the Revlon PhotoReady concealer has been a real win under my eyes.  I'm always struggling to keep that skin moisturized enough to even use concealer, and this one doesn't catch as badly on slightly dry spots remaining, blends smoothly and easily.

Semi-favorite and semi-flop would be the Revlon cream metallic shadows quad.  The light gold is so lovely, I used it several times this past month.  However it never really sets or dries down, I usually will brush against my eye at some point and end up spreading fine gold glitter on to my face - despite using an eyeshadow primer (Too Faced Shadow Insurance and Urban Decay Primer Potion are the ones I've been using lately).  They tend to crease somewhat if using more than a super sheer layer.  I will keep using them because they are very pretty, but I wouldn't recommend buying them unless very discounted and are aware and accept they aren't great for extended wear.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Creased Color Look Inspired by pixiwoo Inspired by Anne Staunsager

On youtube, pixiwoo often is a source for inspiration - recreating looks from fashion shows, magazine editorials, advertisements, etc.  Samantha Chapman (one of the pixiwoo sisters) did this Creative Creased Colors tutorial inspired by a photograph of work done by Anne Staunsager (details on their blog).

Usually I get ideas for colors that I want to use the next day or a new technique, rarely an entire look that I feel compelled to recreate.  But this one was so fun and easy I had to try it out.  Initially I tried with some cream shadows I had but with my looser skin it was looking too crepey, so I hastily cleaned it off and tried again with my Coastal Scents matte palette with similar colors to what Sam used.  Here's how I came out!  Not nearly as clean and elegant, but a super interesting and easy look.
Started out with a very slapped on, messy blobs of colors.  Orange on inner half of lid, red on outer half, yellow on inner corner blended out to crease, dark blue on lower lashes.  I used Urban Decay 24/7 liners in Zero and Flipside initially, I had some leftovers of my earlier attempt and today's makeup from work so yeah.  It's a hot mess on the waterline area at this point.

Squinch up eyes and added the matte black shadow over.

It looks sort of painful, and to be honest it's not very comfortable!

Oooh look at the crazy patterns!  Before cleaning up with makeup remover I had the black shadow all over the place.

Cleaned up a bit with more concealer, mascara.

I also added some Jordana liner in seagreen which was a bit lighter/brighter than the Flipside was showing up.  Fun stuff!

Here's the products I used:

Lips were Revlon Soft Nude and Peach Petal gloss.  Prestige brow gel from earlier in the day in light/medium, a variety of concealers in the cleanup process.  Make Up For Ever Smoky Lash sample for mascara, Neutrogena eye makeup remover lotion which is what I use on a q-tip/cotton bud daily for getting makeup off the waterline/lash lines.  Very gentle and easy on the skin.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Love & Beauty Nail Polish in Olive

I had bought this a while ago at Forever 21, had it lined up to use for a couple months but brighter/more summery polishes kept cutting in line.  I finally put it on a couple days ago when I saw the KarlaSugar Butter London Wallis post today and did a double-take.  I was looking at the picture on my phone, looked at my nails and thought huh.  Quite similar!  So, I took a couple pictures with a flash and natural light.  It's a lovely dark olive/gold microglitter type situation.

I used my Revlon Quick Dry Base Coat, two coats of the Love & Beauty, one coat of my Sally Hansen Insta-Dri top coat.  It's wearing quite well three days later.  Picture above is with flash, below is natural light.