Sunday, July 24, 2011

Tarte for True Blood Palette and Swatches

Splurged (again! ack) and grabbed this Tarte for True Blood palette during the ULTA Friends and Family 20% off sale.  Lots of good every day neutrals and other fun colors mixed in.  The eyeshadow pans are generously sized, you also get a mini eye primer and mascara along with a full sized emphasEYES gel liner in black.
Inside the palette, there's a film with the color names on it which is always handy.
 In the box it also had a chart with the shadows, which opened up to include four eye looks created by True Blood's makeup artist Brigitte Ellis - always a fun little bonus for inspiration.
For the swatches, I did not use a primer or base.  I took two small swipes of the shadow with my finger, then one swipe across my arm to give an idea of pigmentation across the shades.  Most are quite good, creamy and easy to work with.

Waitress comes off sort of chunky compared to the other shades and when doing a quick eye I found I had some powdery globs that proceeded to spread glitter all over my face when I tried to brush them off.  That's definitely a shade that needs tapping off.  Dawn felt powdery and almost gritty when swatching with my finger, but came up on a brush easily.

I like that there's a good amount of matte and matte with microglitter, and not all shimmery/metallic shades.  Maybe one day Urban Decay will get that hint... :)

ULTA Friends and Family and Miscellanous Goodies

ULTA had sent out their 20% off Friends and Family mailer that included prestige cosmetics, always exciting!  I didn't really have anything non-drugstore in mind when I went to the store, but had a variety of odds and ends I did want to pick up.  I will post swatches from the Tarte for True Blood palette separately.  It was so lovely, with so many easy every day colors along with some fun deep colors, with the discount it was an especially great deal.

I had some coupons and deals I was working at CVS for Revlon - in addition to the lip gloss and lipstick here I picked up New Complexion cream foundation in 01 Ivory Beige and PhotoReady Concealer in 002 Light.  Both seem really nice!  I've been using the Sigma F50 duo fibre brush for applying the cream, liked it so much I decided to grab the Real Techniques stippling brush as well here.
I returned the Revlon ColorStay for Combination/Oily skin because it so incredibly matte and I had a lot of difficulty keeping it from globbing up in my pores.  I wanted to give the Normal/Dry formulation a try, but I noticed they didn't have the SoftFlex formulation so I am wondering how old the stock is.  I decided to just return it instead.  Also returned the Revlon Brow Fantasy, strangely enough it was too light for me in Dark Blonde.  Looked sort of powdery and yellowy on my brows.  I did pick up this Prestige Brow Builder in Light/Medium to replace it, there's a tinted side and a clear conditioner brow set side.  The color is much better, similar to the darkest bits of my brows.

Picked up the Organix conditioner and mousse in coconut because along with gold shimmer, I love coconut scent. :)  My face seems to be getting too dry with the prescription face wash, so I'm trying to cut that out (but keep using the topical antibiotic and sulfury goo), got this Aveeno brightening wash.  It's very pretty (pearlescent!) and smells nice.  Face feels slightly tight after using it, but just about everything does that to me.

Wanted another angled eyebrow brush, but for applying shadow/gel liner so I got this ULTA branded one.  I also have one of their eyeshadow brushes, they are nice but they feel sort of light and like an art brush because of the very slender handle.

Also returned the Make Up For Ever Face & Body in shade 2 that I posted first impressions of not long ago.  I like the texture but it was too dark for me and peachy, I could use it but only an extremely thin layer which is okay but not really ideal.  Since they have a shade lighter on their website but not in the store, Sephora gave me a refund and a code for free shipping.  Haven't decided yet if I'm going to order it.  Used part of the return credit to buy this Sephora fragrance atomizer that I can use for my purse/travel.

The NYX glitter cream was an impractical purchase, but I've been wanting to try one of these for a while.

As messy as you'd expect, and using the sponge tip applicator actually seems like the best method for patting some on the eyes.
The middle glitter is the most interesting, multi-colored and had more fine grains of glitter.

I've been trying to find a good nude lipstick and gloss that wasn't orange likes most of my nudes and doesn't go super dark against my super pale skin, I'd heard lots of good things about Revlon Soft Nude - works well for me and the texture is nice!  Also picked up these two Essence XXXL Nudes glosses because I haven't tried any Essence lip products and they are very cheap ($1.99 I believe), the pigmentation is quite good considering the price.  Was expecting them to be more sheer.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

ULTA haul - July

I had sales, coupons and a gift card to burn so I got some treats and things I'd been needing to buy.

Got yet another new sunscreen - physical only (non-chemical which most sunscreens are these days but I seem to be allergic to one or more of them) from Neutrogena, but it's a liquid which makes it loads easier to apply.

Physicians Formula Glam Green Eyes Shimmer Strips gel cream liners, Tatiana (GlamLifeGuru) raved about their staying power in a recent favorites video.  Also because I was doing a 2 product deal for PF, I got one of the matte collection quads in Quartz.  First impression, it's okay on texture (mattes are always a little more difficult to work with).  The liners feel nice and creamy.

From Revlon, there was a buy 2 get 1 free and I had a $2 off coupon.  Totally spaced it out, but I got ColorStay for Oily/Combination skin in 110 Ivory, not pictured here!  Also picked up the CustomEyes palette in Smoky Sexy, along with the matte shadows I'm trying to get more cool gray/blue tones because I have way more on the warm end of the spectrum in my collection.  When I swatched this CustomEyes, I was honestly very surprised how creamy they felt.  I had a ColorStay quad that I depotted and those were very hard and a little difficult to pick up product, but it was a couple years old at least so the formula for those may have changed.  Also grabbed a Brow Fantasy in Dark Blonde because Lisa (LisaSz09) mentioned liking them and I wanted to try a new gel brow set type item that had tint in it.

What with my sweaty morning walk to the bus lately, I also wanted to try a new waterproof matte bronzer.  I was traumatized one day getting to work after applying my NYC bronzer in Sunny on my neck to find it had collected in the creases in my neck.  Swatched several at ULTA, but thought this Tarte Matte Waterproof Bronzer had a nice fairly light, warm tone.  I did check out for color reference things like the Too Faced Chocolate Soleil but felt it looked a little unnaturally cool toned on my very pale skin.  When I do get color, it's from my freckles which are warm toned, so I think it's best to go warm with bronzer.  Who knows!

LA Splash were all on sale for $4.99, hemmed and hawed for a while but decided on the Hydra Liquid shadow in Duality.  They claim to not crease or budge, we'll see.  For some reason I'm really liking cream eye products.  Must be the weather!

I have the ginormous powder brush from Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman (pixiwoo) and I'd heard several good things about this core face kit of brushes, I was interested in the contour and buffer brush specifically.  I like that it comes with a little case that also folds into a stand.  Nice for travel.  I used the contour for bronzer (with the Tarte) today, I liked it.  Nice and small for a precise application.

Last but not least, got a light pink lip pencil from NYX in Flower.  It's actually sort of a metallic pink which I wasn't expecting, but it's pretty.  Blue toned metallic pink and it has good staying power from what I can tell.

Best thing of all, with my deals and gift card I only spent $2.25 of my own money. :)

Physicians Formula Glam Green Eyes Liner and MAC Surf the Ocean Seafoam Pigment EOTD

Yesterday I went to ULTA mainly to get an easier to apply non-chemical sunscreen (I think I've fully confirmed the rash that I'd been having off and on last month was due to chemical sunscreen) for my face.  While I was there, I got some goodies (will post haul shortly!) including the little stackable set of gel cream liners from Physicians Formula.  I got the Glam Green Eyes which has very light metallic green, lavendar and a black with some shimmer.

I had wanted to try them out because Tati (GlamLifeGuru) had raved about their no-budge staying power in her June Favorites.  When I got the green home to swatch, I thought it'd be a pretty neat base on the lid for the seafoam metallic pigment in the MAC Surf Baby collection stack, Surf the Ocean that I adore.

I used a few more of the new shadows I had picked up at ULTA to complete the look - Revlon CustomEyes in Smoky Sexy (made me giggle :) ) and Physicians Formula Matte Collection in Quartz Quartet.  I don't have nearly as many cool blue/gray tones, so I opted for those two yesterday -- and I had coupons+sales to take advantage of.  Trying out the Revlon Brow Fantasy, Lisa (LisaSz09) had mentioned liking, got it in Dark Blonde.
The Revlon white shade is quite pigmented and satiny, not sparkly.  I was surprised how easily I was able get the product on my brush.  Crease color went sort of warm brown on me, but I may have had a little bit of the warm dark brown from my Wet n Wild Vanity palette still on the brush :S.  Pretty nonetheless.  And I love that MAC pigment!
Both eye pictures are in natural light, the seafoam pigment loses its color and just looks like a bit of glitter in a flash picture.  And forgot to get in the product picture, but I did with my usual lack of coordination messily apply a touch of the black cream liner at the base of my upper lash line and ever so slightly (accidentally) winged it out. :)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Coastal Scents Brushes - Synthetic Crease, Detail, Buffer

I bought this synthetic crease brush from Coastal Scents a while back, I also purchased a flat top buffer brush and matte eyeshadow and blush palette.  I keep going back to the crease brush for blending!  I love that it's soft, but quite firm and I feel like the synthetic bristles really "grab" on and blend out products.  I do use my fluffier non-synthetic brushes for a lot of blending, but when I need to get a very precise blend along an edge without spreading product everywhere, or I want to blend a cream product - I grab this one every time.  Loving it!
I did mention it in my large collective haul post.  While I was grabbing a picture with just the brushes, I realized you know I really like all three of these brushes!  The tiny detail brush is great for getting in to my inner corner tear duct area (and it fits inside my tiny opening of the NYX mineral shadow bottle).  The buffer brush is excellent for buffing out foundation or blotchy blush/bronzer, very dense and grabs on to product to blend out well.

And being that they are Coastal Scents, the price was right for sure.  Detail brush was $1.99, Crease brush was $2.79 and the Buffer brush was $13.95 - but that's definitely on the upper range of their brushes.

Rash of Unknown Origin, Mystery Continues

I've had a rash type situation on my chest and neck that makes it itchy, sore, burn, red, hot and generally be unpleasant for about a month.  It waxes and wanes, but it never fully went away after it started.  I changed sunscreens not long before the problem started happening, but I didn't make the connection.  At times it felt like a sunburn, and the redness is really making it look like I've gotten sun somehow.

I finally have mostly decided that it must be the sunscreen.  I have been using Neutrogena dry touch Helioplex products (on my face I have been using the ultra sheer liquid for a couple months maybe).  Prior to this, I was using a CVS knock-off of the dry touch stuff.  Today my face was burning for at least 3-4 hours after applying the sunscreen, along with my neck.  I had cut down to using just the sheer liquid since I hadn't had issues in the past, I'm really starting to wonder if I've developed a sensitivity to it.

So, I walked over to Walgreens this evening and picked up the most sensitive skin-physical only sunscreen I could find.  There weren't a lot of options, most things include chemical sunscreens.  I found a Walgreens branded sensitive skin, oil free, non-comedogenic, PABA free, fragrance free - you name it, doesn't have it - sunscreen.  It smells pretty gross.  But if I can stay protected from the sun without having inflamed skin, I think I can learn to put up with it!  The only active ingredients are zinc and titanium dioxide.  We'll see how it applies, if it's too gloppy to tolerate, if it leaves me greasy, if the smell dries me batty, etc.

Monday, July 11, 2011

MAC Surf, Baby Crushed Metallic Pigment - Surf the Ocean - Seafoam!

I love this seafoam crushed metallic pigment from the MAC Surf, Baby collection but couldn't get a decent picture of it for anything.  Today I wore Wet N Wild Vanity palette, a very warm dark brown in my crease today, the nude shade on my lid and applied the seafoam pigment on the center of my lid.  It was so lovely in person!  I got a couple pictures in natural light that do it a little justice, but it's still greatly lacking to how it looks in the right lighting (which can be that wet sheen of light aqua).  I think it paired well near that warm brown, something akin to the Blue Brown pigment deconstructed.

Where the light is hitting it, there's a nice light metallic sheen - it seems absent on the eye not in the direct light.

And with a flash, all that you get are some sparkles reflecting.
(Aw look at those droopy sad eyes, bummed I can't get a good picture of that which I adore!)

One day I will figure out the perfect lighting and capture it true-to-life. :)

Make Up For Ever Face & Body First Look, Sephora VIB MUFE bonus

I had a 10% off welcome discount from Sephora for being a newly minted VIB along with their release of a Make Up For Ever goodie bag for VIBs free with $35 purchase.  I had been pondering trying out the MUFE Face & Body foundation since I'm on the hunt for things that stand up to a hot and humid 15 minute walk in the morning to the bus - and something that can hold up to my oily zones during a workday. 

I went to Sephora hoping to get shade #38 which is their lightest shade in the F&B line, but they did not carry it.  I went to the next shade in line of the pink undertones (my Mat Velvet+ is also the lightest shade in the line with pink undertones and it works very well for me), shade #2.  I swatched #2 and #20, but #20 seemed too yellowy.  #2 felt rather orange-peach, but when blended out it seemed to almost disappear.  I will do a full post later with swatches on my face in comparison to bare skin, Face & Body and my Mat Velvet+.  In the bottle it looks incredibly dark for me.

This is the first time I've gotten pictures in natural daylight.  Wowzers, what a difference!  Look at all those freckles you can see!!  I did apply Face & Body, went grocery shopping in the heat of the day and was sweating pretty heavily after dragging all of my groceries inside.  I blotted away the sweat several times, not sure how much color remained.
Fun fact, my right eye (seen left here a bit more noticeably) turned partially green about 15 years ago.

On the left, the color is blended out (you can see the edges around my wrist) and on the right it's a heavier non-blended swatch.  My hands/arms/neck/chest are a good shade lighter than my face.  Face has the most freckles by far.

On to the fun stuff!  Here's the little bag it came in, I think I'll be using this in my purse to keep lip products from escaping (I lost a couple in IKEA that slipped out when sitting down).
It came with freakin' adorably small sized Aqua Liner, Smoky Lash, HD powder and Lab Shine lip gloss.

Cutest lip gloss ever.
It's the only thing I've tried, and I am wearing it in these pictures over bare lips.  It doesn't have much pigmentation but has a pleasant apricot smell, nice non-sticky texture, and some shine and subtle sparkle.  I had it over my Rimmel Airy Fairy lipstick earlier in the day and it was a lovely combination.  The Lab Shine gloss shade is S2.

I need to make an effort to get pictures in natural light more often, much more true-to-life colors for my skin especially.  In pictures I tend to get really washed out or look bright pink. 

Sunday, July 10, 2011

CVS Haul - CoverGirl and Milani

I posted previously about my first Milani gloss Designer Label in the 3D Glitzy Glamour line.  It's full of sparkles and shine, but not much base color.  I also really love that it has a brush applicator.  I was on a CVS trip working my coupons and rewards, Tati (GlamLifeGuru) would be proud!  But since I never have Milani coupons and it isn't on sale that enough (blah blah, justifications, blah) I splurged and got another in the 3D line, In Vogue.  The fuchsia and pink sparkles did it for me.

One slightly odd side-note, I have noticed those Glitzy glosses make my lips ever so slightly numbed feeling for the first 15 minutes or so.  Odd.

Part of my deals were getting 2 CoverGirl items, I decided I need to force myself to practice with liquid liner more so I got a LineExact liquid eyeliner in Very Black and a CG Wetslicks lip gloss in Honey Talks.  The liner isn't the blackest, most opaque, etc.  But it is workable.  I used it today, it will sort of appear in my pictures related to Make Up For Ever Face & Body foundation.  Due to my shaky application and very loose lid skin making life even more complicated, I opted to cover it with shadow.

On to the pictures!
Pretty sparkles!  The Wetslicks gloss on me is a nice nudey beige frosty without looking too frosty!  Nice with a bronze-y summery dewy face (my approximation of bronze-y that is :) ).
The Milani gloss is fairly liquidy, the pink base did settle into my lip lines a bit and you can see the swatch it's bleeding a little into the lines of my hand.  Need a light hand to avoid a mess, I think.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Day to Night Experiment with the Urban Decay NAKED palette

So Wayne Goss - gossmakeupartist had a quick (as usual) tutorial about eyeshadow application using a push liner brush and tissue essentially to create an outer V type eye look.  I was in the mood to try out a dramatic night look on top of my existing makeup using the same palette I had used in the morning so I thought I'd try out his technique while I was at it.  The first eye came out well so I thought I'd document the second eye!

I have sort of down-turned and somewhat hooded eyes, it's easy for my eyes to look very droopy if I get any of the color too low down, typically I just don't extend it out this far.  With the tissue, less skill required, perfect. :)

I had washed my face when I got home from work (but kept eye makeup), but it's warm and humid so I was somewhat oily.  First thing I did was blot with my e.l.f. blotting sheets and patted over some e.l.f.high definition powder to mattify (used the powder puff and dusted off the excess with the Real Techniques brush).
I did a very simple eye this morning from the NAKED palette.  Sin on the lids, Naked in the crease, Virgin for the brow highlight.
First step per Wayne was lining a bit on the on the lower lash line and extended the line up at the same angle.  I used my $1 e.l.f. eyeliner brush with Gunmetal.
Next up, the tissue!  Used my Sigma E35 blending brush and Creep, nothing too precise.  Just blended across my crease and above it so it doesn't disappear when I open my eyes. :)
This leaves a fairly harsh, clean line.  We'll soften it up in a bit!
Next I layered a bit of Gunmetal on top of the creep to give some more dimension and sparkle.
Used a Sigma E30 pencil brush and Creep to line the outer upper lashline, deepen the line from lower lashline up through the edge we initially created.
I cleaned off the brush on a cloth, brushed around the edges inward (to avoid spreading it outward) and used my finger to soften the top corner.
Blended on some more highlight in Virgin.
Lined upper and lower lashlines in a very thin line with L'Oreal hip chrome color in Silver Lightning.  This liner is beautiful!  First time I've used it.
Glopped on another layer of mascara on upper lashes and applied some on the lower as well, L'Oreal Telescopic Carbon Black, here's the funky thin flexible wand.  Some of the bristles on the wand came bent, ack!  If you look at the full-sized image, there's a big shiny glob of mascara towards the tip of the wand and that's where the bristles are mangled.
I applied NARS Laguna bronzer, Orgasm blush, Albatross highlight from my trio and my melted NP Set lipstick in San Francisco.  I was too lazy to get another brush so I used my gigantic powder brush from Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman (pixiwoo) and just pinched it a bit to not spread the products over half my face. :)

Here's all the products!
And the final result, not bad!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Goofing Around with Pinks, NYX Ultra Pearl Mania in Baby Pink, MAC Cranberry and More!

I'm not sure why, but the other night I was in the mood to try this NYX Ultra Pearl mineral shadow (just confirmed on NYX website, I thought this was considered a pigment!) in Baby Pink all over my lid to see how it looked.  This led to swatching all of the pinky shaded eyeshadows I have, then I decided to put MAC Cranberry all up in my crease, as a blush and hey let's throw the Baby Pink on as a highlight!  One thing I did find when taking pictures of the swatches that I hadn't realized previously was the finely milled glitter in the NYX pearl shadow, it reflects blue in the pictures.  It's quite pretty!
Here's the slightly crazy pink/red face.
I also tried (emphasis on tried) to use this Urban Decay cream liner called Ink for Eyes in Pyrotechnics - I had gotten it on sale from not realizing it was a sheer glitter cream liner.  I can see why it was on sale.  You need to really make an effort to pick up any glitter.  It is pretty though, multicolored iridescent type situation.  That I tried to put on up near my eyebrow, but it didn't photograph at all.
That's all I used for this "look".

And here's the swatches I did, it ventured out of pink and into pink/champagne/plum type ranges.

So that's my hodgepodge of pink.